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Rebecca Mace

Rebecca focus is upon the philosophical concept of self in an age of social media, asking how the Delphic Injunction to ‘Know Thyself’ is possible in our current technological age.

Joachim Wiewiura

Joachim Wiewiura works in political philosophy and the intellectual history of public spheres.

Václav Janeček

Václav Janeček works on the "PETRAS: Cybersecurity of the Internet of Things” project.

Josh Cowls

JJosh's current research agenda centres on the implications of big data, artificial intelligence and automation on politics, business and society at large.

Carl Öhman

Carl Öhman is a doctoral candidate at the Oxford Internet Institute, his interests fall at the intersection between economic sociology and ethics

DIA: The Ethics and Economics of Death in the Age of Information

1 October 2107     1 June 2020     Carl Öhman     The Wallenberg foundation     This research project looks at the increasing commercialization of so called digital human remains (data left on the Internet by deceased users), a phenomenon referred to as the Digital [...]

EDADO: A European Ethical Code for Data Donation

1 June 2017   30 May 2019   Dr Jenny Krutzinna   Microsoft This project will investigate the possibility of a European Code for Data Donation, its feasibility, its advantages, and the possible difficulties that may be encountered in its formulation and adoption. The sharing of data for [...]

MLTP: The Epistemology of Data Science: Machine Learning in Theory and in Practice

David Watson What is data science? Why do machine learning algorithms perform so well on some problems and so poorly on others? How can institutions come together to help improve our standards for model design and testing? Despite the rapid growth and apparent ubiquity of data science in recent years, little [...]

NETGOV: The Politics and Ethics of Internet Governance and Internet Infrastructure

September 2016     March 2020     Corinne Cath Alan Turing Institute (ATI)     This research looks at the politics and ethics of Internet governance through the technical management of the Internet’s infrastructure. It aims to give insights into how the technology underling the Internet’s digital [...]

MEDA: The Ethics of Medical Data Analytics – Opportunities and Challenges

  1 January 2016 1 December 2016 Professor Luciano Floridi   Microsoft Data analytics provides huge opportunities to improve private and public life, especially in the health sector (medical data analytics, henceforth MDA). Such a potentially highly positive impact is coupled to significant ethical challenges. The extensive use [...]