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Doctoral Studentship – The Ethics of AI: Challenges and Opportunities

The Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford, invites applications for a three-year doctoral studentship, which will lead to a DPhil (PhD) in Information, Communication and the Social Sciences at the University of Oxford, beginning in the academic year 2018-19. Introduction Applications are invited for a three-year doctoral studentship, supported by funding donated by Google. The [...]

David Landsberg

David Landsberg recently completed a DPhil in Computer Science at the University of Oxford, and has research interests in A.I., causation, philosophy of science, philosophy of information, and data ethics

AADM: Auditing Automated Decision-making

1 July 2017       31 December 2017       Google       AADM: Auditing Automated Decision-making Automated decision-making systems are increasingly used to make assessments or predictions about people. Admittedly, this new trend could lead to less biased and more accurate decisions. After all, [...]

ESIAI: Ethical and Social Implications of AI

1 September 2017     1 September 2020     Dr Thomas C King     Google     ESIAI: Ethical and Social Implications of AI This project will investigate the Artificial Intelligence's (AI) realistic ethical risks and social harms. AI is out-performing us to an increasing [...]

Thomas C. King

Dr. Thomas C. King is a postdoctoral researcher in Ethics of Artificial Intelligence.

Rebecca Mace

Rebecca focus is upon the philosophical concept of self in an age of social media, asking how the Delphic Injunction to ‘Know Thyself’ is possible in our current technological age.

Joachim Wiewiura

Joachim Wiewiura works in political philosophy and the intellectual history of public spheres.

Václav Janeček

Václav Janeček works on the "PETRAS: Cybersecurity of the Internet of Things” project.

Josh Cowls

Josh's current research agenda centres on the implications of big data, artificial intelligence and automation on politics, business and society at large.

Carl Öhman

Carl Öhman is a doctoral candidate at the Oxford Internet Institute, his interests fall at the intersection between economic sociology and ethics