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David Watson

David Watson is a doctoral candidate at the Oxford Internet Institute, where his research focuses on the epistemological foundations of machine learning.

David Watson 2018-02-06T16:23:50+00:00

Jenny Krutzinna

Jenny Krutzinna works on the ROADMAP project. Her research addresses the ethical, legal and social implications of biomedical data analytics (Big Data).

Jenny Krutzinna 2018-02-06T16:25:25+00:00

CYDE: Landscaping Strategic Cyber Deterrence

1 January 2016 31 August 2016 Dr Mariarosaria Taddeo John Fell OUP Research Fund Strategic cyber deterrence (SCD) is increasingly attracting efforts and attention as a means to ensure stability of the cyber space, as proved by the interest of NATO, Red Cross, the UN, the UK government, [...]

CYDE: Landscaping Strategic Cyber Deterrence 2017-05-21T13:11:53+00:00

ADEM: Ethical Auditing for Accountable Automated Decision-Making

1 December 2016   31 October 2017   Dr Sandra Wachter   John Fell OUP Research Fund This project aims to ensure that automated decision-making systems remain accountable and comprehensible to the individuals affected by their decisions. Computer algorithms are a defining technology of the information age. Vast, [...]

ADEM: Ethical Auditing for Accountable Automated Decision-Making 2018-01-31T16:51:37+00:00

James Williams

James Williams is a doctoral candidate at the Oxford Internet Institute. He studies the ethics of attention and persuasion in technology design.

James Williams 2017-05-09T15:23:03+00:00

Dr Sandra Wachter

Dr. Sandra Wachter is a Postdoctoral Researcher in Data Ethics and Algorithms working on the Privacy and Trust stream of the PETRAS IoT Research Hub project.

Dr Sandra Wachter 2018-02-07T10:34:30+00:00

Patrick Allo

Patrick Allo’s main research is in logic and the philosophy of information.

Patrick Allo 2018-01-31T17:07:56+00:00

Brent Mittelstadt

Brent Mittelstadt is a British Academy Research Fellow in data ethics, focusing on auditing, interpretability, and governance of complex algorithmic systems.

Brent Mittelstadt 2018-01-31T12:47:46+00:00

Mariarosaria Taddeo

Mariarosaria Taddeo's main research areas are information and computer ethics, philosophy of information, philosophy of technology, ethics of cyber-conflict, cyber-security, and applied ethics.

Mariarosaria Taddeo 2017-10-23T23:24:29+00:00

Luciano Floridi

Luciano Floridi‘s research areas are the philosophy of Information, information and computer ethics, and the philosophy of technology.

Luciano Floridi 2017-10-23T23:23:36+00:00