AADM: Auditing Automated Decision-making

1 July 2017       31 December 2017       Google       AADM: Auditing Automated Decision-making Automated decision-making systems are increasingly used to make assessments or predictions about people. Admittedly, this new trend could lead to less biased and more accurate decisions. After all, [...]

ESIAI: Ethical and Social Implications of AI

1 September 2017     1 September 2020     Dr Thomas C King     Google     ESIAI: Ethical and Social Implications of AI This project will investigate the Artificial Intelligence's (AI) realistic ethical risks and social harms. AI is out-performing us to an increasing [...]

DIA: The Ethics and Economics of Death in the Age of Information

1 October 2017 1 June 2020     Carl Öhman     The Wallenberg foundation     This research project looks at the increasing commercialization of so called digital human remains (data left on the Internet by deceased users), a phenomenon referred to as the Digital Afterlife Industry [...]

EDADO: A European Ethical Code for Data Donation

1 June 2017   30 May 2019   Dr Jenny Krutzinna   Microsoft Latest news 23rd October 2017: Call for Papers: Philosophy and Technology’s special issue on Ethics of Data Donation This project will investigate the possibility of a European Code for Data Donation, its [...]

MLTP: The Epistemology of Data Science: Machine Learning in Theory and in Practice

David Watson What is data science? Why do machine learning algorithms perform so well on some problems and so poorly on others? How can institutions come together to help improve our standards for model design and testing? Despite the rapid growth and apparent ubiquity of data science in recent years, little [...]

NETGOV: The Politics and Ethics of Internet Governance and Internet Infrastructure

September 2016     March 2020     Corinne Cath Alan Turing Institute (ATI)     This research looks at the politics and ethics of Internet governance through the technical management of the Internet’s infrastructure. It aims to give insights into how the technology underling the Internet’s digital [...]

ADEM: Ethical Auditing for Accountable Automated Decision-Making

1 December 2016   31 October 2017   Dr Sandra Wachter   John Fell OUP Research Fund This project aims to ensure that automated decision-making systems remain accountable and comprehensible to the individuals affected by their decisions. Computer algorithms are a defining technology of the information age. Vast, [...]

ROADMAP: Real World Outcomes Across the Alzheimer’s Disease Spectrum for Better care, Multi-modal Data Access Platform

1 November 2016 31 October 2018   Dr Brent Mittelstadt   European Commission ROAPMAP aims to create the conditions for an open collaboration among stakeholders that yields consensual and efficient uses of real world evidence for the benefit of Alzheimer's Disease patients and their caregivers.Led by Led by [...]

LOGIVIS: The Logics of Information Visualisation

1 October 2015 30 September 2017 Dr Patrick Allo European Commission Information visualisation is an essential tool in data-science, but the lack of a theoretical foundation currently prevents visualisation science to make substantial progress and develop solutions for the epistemological challenges posed by Big Data. Starting from the [...]

PETRAS: Internet of Things (IoT) Research Hub

29 February 2016 27 February 2019 Dr Mariarosaria Taddeo Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) https://www.petrashub.org/ The PETRAS Internet of Things Research Hub is a consortium of nine leading UK universities which will work together over the next three years to explore critical issues in privacy, ethics, [...]