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Václav Janeček

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Václav Janeček is a postdoctoral researcher in the Oxford Internet Institute. As a member of the Digital Ethics Lab he explores legal and ethical problems relating to the Internet of Things. His research is part of the PETRAS (Cybersecurity of the Internet of Things) project. The next area of Václav’s current work is digitalisation of legal information.

In addition, Václav focuses on the philosophical foundations of private law, mainly the law of obligations and remedies. His current work focuses on the distinction between the private and public law of obligations. In his research at the Oxford Law Faculty, Václav also canvassed the law of damages (supervisor James Goudkamp).

Before coming to Oxford, Václav studied law and philosophy (Charles University in Prague, University of Sussex). He was a visiting scholar at the Max Planck Institute for Comparative and International Private Law (Hamburg), at the Institute for European Tort Law (Vienna), and at the European University Institute (Fiesole).

In his Prague PhD thesis (supervisor Karel Beran), Václav doctrinally, historically and comparatively dealt with liability and responsibility in private law.

Václav has teaching experience in jurisprudence, legal theory, theory of electronic legal resources, and moral philosophy.

Previously, Václav was active in legal practice. He served as an associate lawyer in a Czech law firm where he specialized in private law, public procurement, and ICT law.


Conference papers

  • Janecek, V. (2017) Data ownership in IoT: ethical and regulatory implications. Living in the Internet of Things: Cybersecurity of the IoT - A PETRAS, IoTUK & IET Event.

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