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AI Circular Economy

AI Circular Economy

AI Circular Economy2020-04-20T10:46:18+01:00

Infosphere as Social Determinant of Health

Infosphere as SDH

Infosphere as Social Determinant of Health2020-04-16T11:37:16+01:00

The Ethics of Fintech

The Ethics of FinTech

The Ethics of Fintech2020-04-15T15:04:08+01:00

The Ethics of Algorithms

1 September 2019 1 September 2020 Professor Luciano Floridi Google Microsoft Facebook The Ethics of Algorithms Algorithms have become a core societal infrastructure that shapes our environment and experience, whether at an individual or at a group level. As volumes of data keep growing and computational techniques [...]

The Ethics of Algorithms2020-04-08T10:33:21+01:00

Smart Cities

1 September 2019 1 September 2021 Prof. Luciano Floridi Smart Cities From Toronto to Songdo, Bangalore to Southampton, smart cities are on the rise. Smart cities use networked technologies and predictive algorithms to assist with the operation and maintenance of cities. These technologies can be used to monitor [...]

Smart Cities2020-04-06T12:55:44+01:00

Amanda Curtis

Research interests: interactive media, education, digital learning

Amanda Curtis2020-04-02T16:40:35+01:00

Jordan Lincenberg

Research Interests: learning technologies, virtual worlds, ethics of AI, digital wellness, internet religions

Jordan Lincenberg2020-04-07T15:32:18+01:00

Joyce Zhang

Joyce's research focuses on the intersection of technology, policy and user safety.

Joyce Zhang2020-03-31T12:25:27+01:00

Benjamin Hewitt

Research interest focuses on ethical implication of smart cities.

Benjamin Hewitt2020-04-02T16:45:31+01:00

James Stomber

James' research interests are: artificial intelligence, human-computer interaction, cognitive computing, behavioral science, user experience

James Stomber2020-03-04T16:50:37+00:00