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LAMP: A Code of Ethics for Refugee Data Sharing

This project, carried out in collaboration with Asylos, will research the ethics of sharing personal data in the context of Country of Origin Information (COI) research, with the eventual aim of developing a set of guidelines for the ethical and legal dissemination of COI in EU asylum procedures.

COI is vital to evidencing the conditions of asylum seekers in their countries of origin, and thus for assessing their credibility, evaluating statements made by them and ultimately determining whether they are granted asylum protection status in the host country. Wider dissemination and exchange of COI could help support similarly situated claimants and foster greater international cooperation in the asylum claim process. However, there are potential risks of data sharing, including endangering the security of individuals through re-identification from their data. Other issues for investigation include the scope of privacy and copyright protection over a claimant’s personal data. By addressing these questions, this project will seek to provide a framework for ethical and legal best practices in COI research.

Asylos is a network of volunteers that provides COI research for asylum seekers applying for asylum in Europe. It delivers this work by connecting a network of more than 80 internationally distributed researchers with lawyers and other stakeholders assisting asylum seekers.