• Rebecca Mace

Rebecca Mace

Research Associate


Rebecca is a Research Associate based at the Digital Ethics Lab. Her focus is upon the philosophical concept of self in an age of social media, asking how the Delphic Injunction to ‘Know Thyself’ is possible in our current technological age.

After graduating from The University of St Andrews with an MPhil under the title of ‘An Exploration of Theoretical Space Within Ritual’, Rebecca went on to teach Religious Studies, Philosophy and Ethics in senior schools. She is currently Head of the Theology, Philosophy and Ethics Department at Cheltenham College and has been studying part time at the Institute of Education at UCL for the past four years.

Research Interests

Having been involved in the pastoral side of education, as well as the philosophy of education, digital pedagogy, and the process of technology and innovation within education throughout the course of her career, her current research interests include; the concept of self and relational ontology within the context of social media, digital time and space, the potentially changing nature of knowledge, and existentialism and authentic existence in our modern techno-culture.

Positions held at the OII

Research Associate October 2017 –