Report March 2019 – June 2019

The Delab members participated in workshops and panel discussions, presented at conferences and were invited speakers at numerous events:

  • “Designing IoT Security for Intimate Threats,” (21 May 2019), London IoT Meetup Group.
  • “Towards a Feminist Critique of Smart Home Analysis” (9 March 2019), Oxbridge Women in Computer Science Conference.
  • ‘How to Get Practical about AI Ethics’ at second Canada-UK symposium on Practical AI Ethics (11th March)
  • Alan Turing Lunchtime policy session. (18th March) 
  • Digital Health Webinar, AI & data-driven health:
  • Panel at Wellcome Trust for PhDRUK  ‘AI for Healthcare Making Algorithms Work’ (13th May)
  • Lecture at Imperial College Medical School ‘AI for Health: Governing the Ecosystem
  • Presentation at Sensyne Health ‘AI for Health: Governing the Ecosystem’ (slides as above) (23rd May)
  • Panel at CogX ‘Fostering Agility in the NHS’ (12th June)
  • Panel at TechUK ‘AI and the NHS: Forging a Healthy Future’ (12th June)
  • Panel at AI Summit ‘AI for Social Good’ (13th June)
  • Policy Report Event, Contributor, All-Party Parliamentary Group on Data Analytics and Policy Connect – Trust, Transparency, and Tech (May 23rd)
  • Policy Report Event, Invited Advisor Centre for Data Ethics – Online Targeting Report (June 21st)
  • Public Workshop, Invited Expert, Centre for Data Ethics and IPSOS Mori – Public Dialogue on Online Targeting (13th July)
  • Leverhulme Centre for Future of Intelligence, University of Cambridge – Worksop on Online Targeting (9th-10th May)
  • Digital Mindfulness – Digital Wellbeing Festival (3rd-4th May)
  • ‘Interpretable machine learning for clinical medicine.’ Mining Science Data for Medicine Workshop. University of Manchester, April 2019.
  • Presentation International Conference on Memories of the Future 2019. London, March 29-30. ‘The global challenges of postmortal society’
  • Presentation and panel participation: Digital Afterlife and genealogy industries symposium. May 23 2019.
  • “Recommender Systems and their ethical challenges”, Mathematics in Society speaker series, Oxford (20 June 2019)
  • Commentator at the workshop on “Moral Encroachment” at the University of Cologne, June 10-11
  • “Recommender Systems and their Ethical Challenges”, Workshop on ‘Evaluating Extreme Technological Risk’, CSER Cambridge (June 2019)
  • “Bayesian Beauty”, Formal Epistemology and Decision Theory Workshop, 24 May, Bristol 
  • “Recommender Systems and their Ethical Challenges”, Workshop on ‘The Ethics and Politics of Online Interaction’, Oxford (14-15 May 2019)
  • “Bayesian Beauty”, Invited talk at the Logic Colloquium, Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy (April 2019)
  • “What is a good recommendation? Recommender Systems and their ethical challenges”, invited talk at the Choice Group, LSE (27 March 2019)
  •  Changing Minds & Machines: Human Rights in Internet governance. Resisting Digital Culture Conference UCL May 2019.
  • The Technology We Choose to Create: Human Rights Advocacy and Anthropology in Internet Governance. GigaNet International Communications Association Preconference May 2019.
  • Workshop on “Ethics of AI in Cybersecurity” (chair), Digital Ethics Lab and UK Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Ministry of Defence) University of Oxford.
  •   The Importance of Digital Ethics for Business”, AI Summit, London, UK
  • “Artificial Intelligence for Social Good”, ITU Summit on AI for Good, Geneva, Switzerland.
  • “Ethical Challenges of AI in Cyber Defence”. AI Fest – MoD, Berkshire, UK.
  • “AI and Intelligent Design”, TEDx Ortygia, Siracusa, Italy.
  • “AI and Cyber Conflicts”, Optic Summit, Paris, France.
  • “Ethical Governance of Artificial Intelligence”, German Federal Academy for Security Policy, Berlin, Germany.                               “The Governance of Artificial Intelligence, The Case of Interstate Cyber Conflicts”, Recht im Kontext, von Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany.
  • “Ethics and Technology”, Legal 500 & FTI Consulting, London, UK.
  • “AI and Cyber Conflicts: Ethical Challenges and Strategic Opportunities”, GCHQ, UK Ministry of Defence, Cheltenham, UK.        “The Good Potential of AI”, Japan UK Technology and Humanity in Education 2019, Royal Institute of Great Britain, London, UK.
    “Ethical Challenges and Opportunities of AI”, Financial Conduct Authority, London, UK.

Media Presence

OII Collaborations:

  • OII Master Students given RA opportunities, with topics being researched concerning Cybersecurity, Ethics of AI, Data Ethics, Digital Health, and Epistemology of Data Science
  • How Anarchy Works: Data and Disorder in Internet Protocol Development. Oxford Internet Institute Connected Life Conference June 2019.

 The  Delab Guest Speakers Include:

  • Genevieve Vanderstichele, Judge, Business Court Brussels, Researcher at the Centre for IT and IP Law, KULeuven
  • Natalia Efremova, Research Fellow in Marketing and Reputation, Said Business School, University of Oxford
  • Thomas Philbeck, Head of Technology, Society and Policy, World Economic forum, Geneva

Publications, Papers etc: