• Thomas C King

Dr Thomas C. King

Postdoctoral Researcher


Dr. Thomas C. King is a postdoctoral Artificial Intelligence (AI) researcher at the Oxford Internet Institute (University of Oxford) in the Digital Ethics Lab.

Thomas’ research focuses on the legal and ethical issues surrounding AI and Machine Learning. His current research focuses on criminal activity. Particularly, the capacity for AI to support crimes, risks of machine learning algorithms being manipulated, or malevolent behaviour emerging from benevolent machine learning.

His research aims to quantify these issues through risk-analysis of algorithms, investigating how AI techniques are currently used, and testing AI-techniques within simulated environments for unethical behaviour.

His research within AI has investigated Deontic and Institutional Logic, which are formalisations of norms, and related ethical or legal concepts. In short, Thomas’ research takes an AI and computational perspective to investigate an ethics of AI, and AI-techniques for ethics and law.

Thomas holds a PhD in AI from the Technical University of Delft specialising in non-monotonic Deontic Logic, the logic of social institutions, and AI governance. In his PhD, Thomas investigated formal logic for capturing the legality of rule change within legal systems and compliance of laws within multi-level and cross-national contexts. Case studies included past judgements on data privacy in EU directives and European human rights law, and tensions between UK and EU law on rule changes.


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Journal articles