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Victoria Lennox

DPhil Student

Victoria Lennox is a doctoral candidate at the University of Oxford. Following an early multisectoral career in politics, public policy, research, activism, and international business, she received her MSc from the University of Oxford’s Queen Elizabeth House in Global Governance and Diplomacy with a Commonwealth Scholarship. She then became the first woman president of Oxford Entrepreneurs and founded Oxford Women in Business and the National Association for College and University Entrepreneurs, becoming the youngest-ever recipient of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise Promotion. Victoria then returned to Canada as a policy advisor for the Government of Canada, before founding Startup Canada and the Innovators and Entrepreneurs Foundation. Victoria is passionate about promoting and leveraging technology, policy innovation, and diplomacy to construct ethical and sustainable governance systems.

Victoria has represented Canada’s entrepreneur and innovation ecosystem on state visits across Latin America and the Middle East; has led economic missions to Israel, India, Vietnam, Estonia and Lithuania, and has represented Canada at APEC and G8 Summits. Through her ventures, Victoria mobilizes local, national and global networks; has raised more than $50M; has developed, executed and scaled hundreds of high-impact programs and initiatives; has received major awards and recognitions for impact and service; and, is a sought after speaker, commentator and influencer on entrepreneurship, startups, innovation ecosystems, inclusive innovation, and service leadership. She proudly volunteers as a Global Ambassador of She Loves Tech and sits on the Rideau Hall Foundation Innovation Advisory Board.

Victoria’s research is centred on multi-level governance in the digital era, with a focus on public and defence procurement, AI and SDGs, studying under Dr. Mariarosaria Taddeo.